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We want to provide you with easy and convenient laundry service so you can focus on more important things. That’s why we offer free laundry pickup and delivery in the Greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas.

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If you are in anurgent need oflaundry, we cancome right to youfor a pick-up. We use premiummaterials, technologies andguarantee treatmentwith care. We pick-up youritems/bags and turnthem back 48 hours. ENJOY!

Special Laundry Services for



University life is more complex and demanding these days. Students not only have to attend classes and study for exams: being a student means getting involved with groups of study, socializating, thinking and designing your future.

Our special service for University students is designed with you in mind: It’s simple, easy, and affordable!

young professional

Young professionals

To be successful professional, you just have to give it all. And you don’t want to waste your free time doing laundry! Let us handle it for you so you can go and do what you want to do!

We will pick up your laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it, and bring it back to you neatly packed and folded and smelling great!



Nowadays families have changed in many aspects. Families need to find time to enjoy each other´s company, and activities that can be outsourced should be. Laundry is one of the most tedious and boring activities all families are faced with on a daily basis.

Why not forget about all this and just give it to us to do? A family that makes this decision can save up to 8 full days a year!



If you live in a Condo, chances are that you either have a small laundry room in your apartment, or there is a common laundry room for the floor you are in. Why wrestle with the space available or use those old clunky machines to take care of your precious clothes?

If there are several tenants in the building, we can arrange for a better price deal for you!



If you own a commercial business, laundry may be an ongoing battle for you. Unless you have a designated facility with several commercial washers and dryers, you may struggle to meet health codes, and devote quite a few labor hours to processing.

Rather than continuing to fight with a never-ending pile of laundry, why not switch to Ocean Breeze’s commercial pickup and delivery services?


Over 55

You have arrived to the golden age of retirement! You want to relax, enjoy your free time, maybe start a hobbie, play golf, or do what you want to do. Why spend hours of your week doing things you don’t want to?

Call us and get rid of those tedious, repetitive tasks, and allow us to do it for you. You will be surprised at the affordability of the service and the time you get back to do your favorite things.

Why choose us

We understand that laundry is personal, so tell us exactly how you want yours done. Anything from what detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and wash and dryer temps you like, to how you want your socks returned – rolled or folded. No kidding!

Need children’s clothes separated from the adults´ when packaged for return?
We can do that.

Crave routine?
Tell us when to come and we’ll be there every week.

Prefer a bit more flexibility?
Use us when you need us. Help for all types of families is just a tap, click or text away!